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    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Run Rubba Run : Day 1

    Well, Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed running and watching the Boston Marathon. I have longed to run it, but always had an excuse not too. Well, no more excuses. As long as my body will allow me to do so, I plan on running the 115th Boston Marathon. It will be just before my 40th birthday. This will be a nice birthday present, if I complete the task.

    Here on this blog, I will try to chronicle the ups and downs of training for the Boston Marathon. My friend Tim, is going to try to run also. We both will be trying to raise money for the Cameron Lindsey Foundation. Today was the official first day, I did 2 miles on the cross trainer, and a lite weight workout. The biggest problem I will have is keeping my legs from having issues. I am starting easy and hopefully, the more I do, the better they will feel. I will try to keep updating this daily. Please keep following this and see how I do. I have one year to get ready.

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