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    Friday, April 30, 2010

    Remote Wars: Game On

    Saturday May 1st, the stars seemed to have aligned on this day to give us potentially one of the great sports day/nights that I can remember. Lets break down the schedule shall we.

    First you have the resurgent Boston Bruins at 12:30 against their outdoor rival Philadelphia Flyers in Boston to kick off their best of seven series in the second round of the NHL playoffs. GO B's

    Once this has ended you have a breather for about an hour, this is where you need to either stock up, check the "honey do" list and get that prioritized to what you may be able to get accomplished in that time frame, because at around 5:25 the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby will be happening on NBC. Before being in a smoke filled room with people yelling at the hundreds of screens that show these great horses going for history, I would probably would have missed this and not even cared. Not anymore, make sure your around for the very few minutes it takes for them to go around this track as it is always exciting to watch. As an FYI they are calling for rain over in Churchill Downs so there may be a slight delay, plan accordingly.

    Once the Derby is over, again there is a slight breather, check your list and make sure you are ready to entertain guests or just yourself for the next 5-6 hours of sports. Starting at 7:05 with Red Sox vs O's in Baltimore with Dice-K's first start of the season. I don't care that it is April baseball, the Sox will need Dice-K to return to form if they are going to have any shot in catching the NY Yankmees or the Rays. One start may not tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but it will be fun to watch no matter what. This of course hinders on him not tweaking his back in warm-ups...what I'm just saying.

    Now 25 minutes later at 7:30 Nascars Sprint Cup at Richmond kicks off. Now the only reason I know this is my father will be over the house enjoying the festivities of this glorious evening and has already designated my bedroom big screen as his "race watching screen". It's all him.

    Then we move to 8 when the Celtics tip off their second round game one with the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland where apparently they are witnesses. I could write a blog about this game by itself but I will refrain from doing so right now since the games importance should speak for itself. GO GREEN!

    Finally we move to 9 where the under cards of what should be the fight of the year and may set up the fight of the decade. Mayweather vs Moseley. If Mayweather wins will that finally make our dreams come true and force him to fight Manny Pacquio? God let's hope so.

    In closing this Sat. evening there will be a lot of hitting the last button and going back and forth between games, I am sure that the batteries will hold up but I say again. There may not be enough alcohol for this night of great sports, regardless enjoy them with some friends and family.

    -Scotty Dukes

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