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    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Red's Race 5 Mile - 4.25.10

    I am finally back out racing. Since the snowshoe series cancelled a few events due to not enough weather and then my left knee cancelled a few more at the end, it felt good to be wearing a bib again. This season on the asphalt started the way last season finished, with a partner.

    Another one of my friends from Weight Watchers wanted to do her first road race. I told Amanda when she was ready I would be happy to run with her. She had some hesitation as the race grew closer but then decided she was ready after all. Was she ever ready! When I did my first race back in September of 2008 I merely took on a 5K (3.1 miles) and was thrilled to have completed it. Amanda should be very proud of herself, she ran a 5 mile race today and never once punched me in the face for "maintaining positive chatter" throughout the entire run. As someone once said to me before I set out on my first road race, "don't worry, you won't be last."

    Sure enough Amanda pulled in at 1:00:04 which was good enough for 461st place and according to the results I was in at 1:00:34 - we were not last! It was a nice way to start the season and get back out there. I will be heading out next for the Hampton Falls 5 Mile on May 8th looking to better my time. In shocking news, the incomparable Jim Johnson won the event with a time of 25:56. Congratulations to him coming off of his amazing 76th place finish (2:30:00) at Boston last Monday. Thanks for checking out the my running blog and see you at the starting line.

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