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    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    114th Boston Marathon

    As I sit here on a gloomy Sunday, worried about the Sox, I think about the Patriots Day game and the Boston Marathon. Oh, how I long for the days of Joan Benoit Samuelson and Bill Rodgers. I still have an interest in the marathon, but it is usually a forgone conclusion that an American isn't going to win. Most of the Americans that run the Boston Marathon are not in it to win it. Most of the stories are about people who are running for a cause, or for someone, or because they have just overcome something. I love these stories, and that is why I am, and will always be interested in the marathon. In years past, I would say that one day I am going to run this. As a child, until my teen years, I had gone into town to watch the runners. Sometimes I would catch the Sox game then walk down to Kenmore Square and watch them run by. As a kid, teen and young adult, I loved running. Over the years of playing multiple sports, it gets harder and harder to do it. I am not saying that I cannot, but it gets tougher every year to get started. I believe that I still could run the marathon if I got in good shape, Don't know if the legs would agree, but still in the back of my mind, I would like to run it once, to say that I did it.

    As of today, I will not be running in the 114th running of the Boston Marathon. I will be tuning in. Watching as an American will stay with the lead pack for a while, but as the leaders make the turn down Boylston St., I believe they will be out of it. Although last year Americans finished 3rd in both the men's and women's race. I don't mind that the Kenyans and Ethiopians have taken over the sport. I have gotten to know some of them over there years at the marathon. It is a big deal in their countries. They are treated like superstars, if they win. There just isn't enough money in it for the American athlete. The really good athletes make better money doing something else. Isn't that the American Dream? To make as much money as you can. I don't blame them, I would do the same thing, but there has got to be someone out there, that has a passion for running, that can make a run at this thing someday. I will root for an American to win, but mostly I will root for the thousands of people that are running this race for a greater purpose. It may take them 4 plus hours to do it, but those people will feel much better about it than the people who win. So, don't forget to carbo load, then get a good night sleep and watch out for the cross wind. The temperature should be descent for a good run, but the cross wind may not allow for a course record. And as said on Seinfeld, "You are all winners."

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