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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    The Experiment is Over: Bench Rasheed Wallace

    Today, I begin a campaign to encourage Doc Rivers to bench Rasheed Wallace for the rest of the season, including the playoffs. Now before you get all...he has experience, he's a big body to bang around on the blocks, he'll come around...hear me out.

    To most (not me) Rasheed Wallace looked like a good pick up at the start of the year. He was a bit old, but he had the skills that the Celtics needed and gave them a good veteran presence off the bench to spell Kendrick Perkins. In an ideal world, he would've come into the rotation and fit right in, but he just didn't do that. He just doesn't fit.

    'Sheed is averaging 9ppg and 4.1 boards per game. These aren't bad numbers for a guy off the bench, but they are not Rasheed Wallace numbers. In fact, they are more then 33% off his career averages.

    But, he's old.

    Well, that's true, he is old and as you get older your numbers start to dwindle, look at the Big Three. However, the downside to Rasheed Wallace goes beyond the numbers. Here's a guy who comes down the floor and will jack a three at the most inopportune time. When you're looking for a guy to post up and get to the rim, he's standing behind the arc and throwing up bricks. This is not the kind of center the Celtics need in the playoffs.

    Also, his effort on the defensive end is severely lacking. Rasheed Wallace is the guy on the playground who will scream and yell for the ball on the offensive end, but never once own up to missing an assignment on the defensive end. On this Celtics team, a lackluster effort on the defensive end is just not going to cut it.

    I said it on the show this week and I am not the only one to say it, when the Celtics are playing solid defense they are winning. Rasheed detracts from their solid effort on the defensive end and that just won't cut it.

    So, Doc, I implore you, give the younger guys a chance. Let them gel. Don't gum up the gears with a has been that nobody wanted on the team in the first place. Ok, maybe it was just me that didn't want him on the team, but who's laughing now?

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