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    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Episode 163 - Bracket Breaker

    In a shocking development, as the U.S. Congress prepared to cast their votes for the most influential and controversial piece of legislation in the countries history, the guys discussed gardening tips. Actually, pretty close to that. Timmy argued that our elected officials were sowing the seeds of a single payer system. Adam spent most of the opening segment trying to convince Timmy that he was not going to be goose stepping in knee boots any time soon. Did Timmy buy it? We'll see. Hey guess what - some sports got shoehorned in as well. The Sox have some new bottles to pop in the clubhouse come October and a new member of the team to pop the with as well. The Celtics are starting to mesh a little bit as a team on the mend. Is it too late to get the mojo going before the playoffs? Timmy talks hockey - both Bruins and BC by himself (Adam takes a nap). While the biggest story of the weekend is the collapse of the Jayhawks. The Final Four takes on a whole new look - we're not in Kansas anymore. All this and a wrap on the "first half" scores from fantasy hockey and basketball. Oh, Coach K has finally produced the hardware that everyone has been waiting to see. Big news, right here on the Weekend Wrap Up. Thanks for listening and have a great week.

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