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    Monday, March 29, 2010

    Burn Baby Burn!

    Then there were four...of the most unlikely teams in this tourney to play for the national championship.

    Michigan State getting there with one heart attack after another. Izzo is a great coach and his kids show great poise (consider that 3 of the 4 wins that got the Spartans there were by a combined 6 points) but not having to play Kansas helped quite a bit as well. Though this being what the 6th final four in the last 12 years for Izzo I guess I should not be that surprised.

    West Virginia, I mean really! Bob Huggins has not won anything since he paid...I mean "convinced" Kenyon Martin to come to Cincinnati. Then was run out of town, but that is not what I am here to talk about. These kids play good defense and caught KY on a night where they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Though to their credit that was the first time this tourney that WV gave up more than 60 points, that is impressive.

    The Duke (UGH) Blue Devils as I have said from jump had the easiest road to the Final Four that I have seen in years. I guess the committee wanted to see Duke make their first run since 2001. Not one of the teams they faced were top competition AR-Pine Bluff, Cal, Purdue (remember no Robbie Hummel) and Baylor. Now Baylor can play don't get me wrong and had pushed Duke as hard as any of the other teams, but I still don't believe all those double digit wins would have come against some of the teams the other number ones had to play.

    Finally the Cinderella Butler, this team has heart and plays great defense. With a freshman that has no fear (Mack) and a sophomore forcing pro scouts to look his way (Haywood) this team has a chance though slight to shock the basketball world. A great run for this team which now has the countries longest win streak at 24, they should have the confidence and the home court (Butler campus right around the corner from Indy) to make a strong push against Mich State.

    Predictions: well since I burned my bracket, hence the title for this blog, I am not sure you should hold me to this. I am going to stick with the upset that I had going this far Butler. It will be a Butler, Duke final. You know what I want to rephrase that "It BETTER be a Butler, Duke final" cause I will not be able to stomach all the talk if Izzo and Coach K face off in the championship. Oh and I did not forget WV, they will NOT beat Duke.

    So there you have it, burn your brackets, but sit back and enjoy what has been one of the most maddening March Madness' I have ever witnessed. This Final Four I feel will keep pace with what we have seen thus far.

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