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    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Episode 126 - We Meat Again

    A steak had to be good to take a picture of it and you can see here that Timmy's wedding steak was phenomenal!! Chad and Mrs. Chad did it up right for their guests at the event of the weekend. The Wicked Pissa Dude family congratulates the pair on their nuptials and we wish them all the best married bliss has to offer them.

    For more pictures from the wedding, including the amazing groomsman gift Chad gave Timmy and the rest of the crew, hit the links.

    The boys did talk about other pressing issues like Rondo's $55 million deal he got during his contract "meetings". Favre's return to greatness, meets Green Bay AGAIN and when Nostradumbass thinks it will come to a crashing halt and they cover fantasy sports from soup to nuts.

    It's all on this weeks Weekend Wrap-Up show.

    Let us know what you think of the show. Leave a comment below or e-mail us.

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