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    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    Should Tedy Bruschi Make The Hall of Fame?

    Anyone that listens to the Wicked Pissa Dude Podcast knows, I am NOT a numbers guy. I can't recite how many tackles Tedy Bruschi had in his first season with the New England Patriots or how many interceptions he ran back for a touchdown in his career. (see Scotty Dukes post below for that information.)

    I am a heart guy. What is a heart guy? I measure a player by how big their heart is. Of course, I don't think someone should get into the Hall of Fame just because they had a big heart and played hard, of course that would not be possible. I do however, think that getting into the hall is not ALL about the numbers. Getting into the Hall of Fame should be an honor bestowed on the most prolific players to have ever played the game, but also on those men who put up great numbers (maybe not HOF worthy numbers) but also worked hard, played with dignity, a generous heart and most importantly a committment to his team and fans.

    Tedy Bruschi met and exceeded all of those criteria that I would set to put someone into the Hall of Fame. In his press conference yesterday he said that he set out to play for the New England Patriots for his entire career because he was tired of players moving around. God bless him for that, because I too am tired of players moving around. We are lucky to have had him play for the New England Patriots for his entire career.

    For the intesity he showed on the field and the heart he showed off the field, Tedy Bruschi deserves to be inducted into both the Hall @ Patriot Place and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.

    I think Tedy Bruschi should be the first in a line of players that are measured for their professional achievements and their contributions to the community in which they play. The NFL runs all these ads during games about how the NFL is committed to the communities they have franchises in, Tedy Bruschi embodied that and for that he is a true New England hero.


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