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    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    Hail Mary: Gerard Phelan's Legacy

    I often joke with Timmy about his man crush on #22, Doug Flutie, but there is no denying that Flutie is etched firmly into the history books of Boston sports lore. Truth be told, most likely Doug Flutie will be remembered primarily for his hail mary pass against Miami in 1984 to give Boston College the 47-45 win over the Miami Hurricanes.

    That pass and subsequent catch had an impact on Boston sports history, the life of Doug Flutie and the life of Gerard Phelan. Phelan, was the reciever at the other end of that hail mary pass from Doug Flutie. He didn't recieve as much hoopla as Dougie did, but it certainly impacted his life quite a bit.

    However, nothing has impacted his life, quite like having a son, Alex Phelan. Greard Phelan will never forget the heroics he and Doug Flutie pulled at the end of the Miami game back in 1984, but he knows his lasting legacy is his son, who is currently playing for the Xavier High School squad as the starting quarterback.

    Alex Phelan is forging a legacy of his own. You can read all about it here.

    - Adam

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