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    Monday, August 24, 2009

    Excuse Me Sir, Are You Josh Beckett?

    Will the real Josh Beckett please stand up? We need him back in a BIG way. Our stopper. Our ace. Our go to guy, is nowhere to be found and at the most crucial time for our beloved Boston Red Sox.

    When Junichi Tazawa can come in and pitch six scoreless innings and close the door on a Yankees lineup who admitedly has been pounding the ball, shouldn't Josh Beckett be able to do the same thing the very next night?

    Brad Penny? Now that was somewhat excusable and he is paying the price for giving up an insane amount of runs to the pinstripes, but Josh Beckett? Up until the last two games, he was the odds on favorite to win the AL Cy Young award. NOT ANYMORE.

    This Josh Beckett has given up 15 runs over his last two starts and gave up 5 home runs last night alone...yes in ONE GAME. This is NOT the Cy Young winner we have grown to love in the Boston area. This is a guy who just a year ago was pitching in the Japanese Industrial League...oh wait that was the guy who WON this weekend.

    The Red Sox went into this weekend on the brink of turning things around. They had just taken three straight from Toronto (which admitedly is not saying much) but with even a couple of wins this weekend they could've been right back into the hunt for the top spot in the AL East. Instead, the normally solid Josh Beckett let the team down when they needed him the most.

    The Red Sox are now 7.5 games back of a NY Yankees team that is showing no signs of letting up. The only silver lining for the BoSox is that the Rangers and Rays pounded on each other over the weekend, which has Boston still standing at the top of the AL Wild Card chase by one game.

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