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    Friday, August 7, 2009

    Epic Game: Red Sox lose 2-0 in 15 Innings

    When this extended four game series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees begin, there was no question that it meant more to the Red Sox then it did to the Yankees. Starting the series 2.5 games back in the AL East and coming off of 2 losses at Tropicana Field, the Red Sox desperately needed a win (or four.)

    You wouldn't know it by watching the opening night debacle where the Red Sox let their ace...errrrr...Atlanta's ace of a few years ago, John Smoltz take the mound. A disaster in the Bronx on Thursday night.

    Tonight, was different though. As I am writing this the game is in the top of the 13th and is 0-0. This is one of those games that is hard to remember who the starting pitchers were, which is sad because they are the ones who got us to this point.

    Josh Beckett and AJ Burnett lived up to the hype and then some and when all is said and done, neither will have pitched more than half of the game. Pretty amazing to say the least. The final line on Beckett? 7 innings, 4 hits, 2 BB and 7 K's. The line for Burnett? 7 2/3, 1 hit, 6 BB and 6 K's. Oh and the most important stat, neither gave up a run, of course.

    This game is THE reason Red Sox v. Yankees games are more interesting then any other matchup in baseball or maybe even in all of professional sports. They are nail biting, edge of your seat thrillers that keep you guessing. Sure there is the occasional blow out (last night) but for the most part, Sox v. Yankees games are almost always interesting. People in Topeka, Kansas would be into this game if they showed it on TV and inevitably it will be the lead story on Sportscenter.

    It is now, the top of the 15th inning. After Junichi Tazawa came on as the final pitcher in the Red Sox dugout, the Yankees proceeded to hit the ball VERY hard. Erik Hinske hit a ball HARD into right field and JD Drew with his full body extended saved the game for the Red Sox. Then it was Melkey Cabrera's turn and his rope down the first base line was inches away from being fair and ending the game, but in the end Tazawa escaped the bottom of the 14th and the Red Sox live to see another inning.

    It was a walk-off homerun by Alex Rodriguez that did the Red Sox and Junichi Tazawa in for the night.

    This was more then just a midseason classic though, this would have been an important game for the Red Sox to have for a number of reasons. The Red Sox needed this game to get back to within 2.5 games of the Yankees (they are now 4.5 back.) They needed this game to snap a 3 game losing streak (now 4 games.) Probably most importantly, they needed this game, because losing a game like this against any other team sucks, but against the Yankees it is heartbreaking.

    But, it was not meant to be and now the Boston Red Sox will have to lean on Jon Lester to get the job done. If they can manage to win the final two games in the Bronx, they will be able to nullify the effect of these last two losses and put them in the rearview mirror, but that is a challenge that will be an uphill battle to say the least.

    The Red Sox lose 2-0 in 15 innings against the New York Yankees.

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