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    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Ahhh Tim Wakefield is Back

    It used to be that when Tim Wakefield took to the mound you never really knew what to expect. On the nights when the wind was blowing at Fenway Park and his knuckle ball was moving he was unhittable. On the nights when the air was still and his 80 mph fastball wasn't fooling anyone, you knew you were in for a long night.

    That was until, this year. Tim Wakefield the all-star is as reliable as they come and last night proved no different. There was something comforting about having him on the mound that made me feel like order had been restored to the nation.

    It was all well and good to get a couple of good starts from Brad Penny at the beginning of the season (see ya later by the way.) It was nice to have a dream scenario of Penny and Smoltz teaming up for a great season and one last hoorah with the BoSox. These were nice thoughts that didn't pan out.

    Now, with Tim Wakefield back on the mound and pitching well it feels as though order has been restored to the starting rotation. I know, I won't get too far ahead of myself. There is the issue of will Dice-K return and return strong. There is the slumping Josh Beckett. But, going into the home stretch of the season, this is the way our rotation was supposed to look all along. Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Clay Buckholz, Tim Wakefield and Daisuke Matsusaka. If these pieces start to fall into place, we're looking good down the home stretch.

    So, Tim Wakefield was back on the mound last night and he pitched a gem. If only the bullpen hadn't blown it, we wouldn't have needed to see vintage Papi at the end to get the win, but win we did and win we must to make a final push and end up spanking the Yankees in the ALCS...AGAIN!!

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