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    Sunday, July 5, 2009

    Welcome to Boston Sheed!

    According to sources The Boston Celtics have added Rasheed Wallace for two years at the mid-level exception. This makes the Celtics the best defensive team in basketball hands down. I am not exaggerating just to make a point. I want you to sit back and think about the rotation and the depth the Celtics will have in the front court (the exact problem if you remember they had in the post season) Perk, Garnett, Brain Scals, and Wallace. I would like to include Leon Powe in that list, but don't expect him back in Green and White anytime soon. As for Davis the C's will extend a qualifying offer to make him a restricted Free Agent and then you can throw his name in that impressive and intimidating list.

    Rasheed Wallace is a veteran with a hot head we all know this, but to me this is not too different from the Pats taking a chance on a player like Corey Dillon. The leadership of the big three should hold Wallace to a smaller amount of technical fouls this season. Much like the Pats leadership of Brady, Tedy, Vrabel...list goes on, did for Dillon. Another situation is Dennis Rodman joining the Bulls with MJ. Known as a crazy man with a temper he became a key player in the greatest season in basketball history when they won 72 games.

    Jordan was a great leader and I will challenge anyone to say the big three (especially KG) can't do what Michael did and keep Sheed in line as they all want to win a ring. Rasheed may be a head case, but according to reports his teammates love to play with him. It also says a lot that all three future HOF players on this current Celtics team went with Danny, Wyc and Doc to make this pitch for another ring. This deal is a win now deal which some like and some don' I like! I am not sure I am ready to sit here and wait for another rebuilding era to start quite yet in Boston. You do remember losing 18 games in a row right?

    So welcome to Boston Rasheed Wallace, some may not welcome you with open arms right away but trust me when you start to play that D we have seen you play against the C's and knock down a few treys and you will hear them talking about "The Big FOUR!" I am sure someone will have a better name by then...Timmy you got anything? Go Green!
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