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    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Race #6 John Carson Memorial - 7.04.09

    Our holiday was red, white and bruised. To say that Team Cameron got off on the wrong foot would be an understatement. We loaded the boys into the family truckster and were just about to head south for Chelmsford when we realized we had forgotten something. As I quickly headed back into the house madness ensued. Hurrying up the front porch my left foot never quite caught any traction with the wet lumber. Ugh! So, the left foot falls off the porch and my right shin (in mid air at this point) grates down the front of the stairs. I left quite a bit of myself on those stairs, it was a fine how do you do at 7:25 am.

    We stopped the bleeding (for the time being) and headed to Chelmsford. It was a fun 2 mile run, the most populated course I have ever been on. North Road in Chelmsford is packed with people waiting for the parade that quickly follows. I promised Aidan and Cameron that I would stop and pick them up to do the last 1/8th of a mile together. We did. After all this is what it is all about, Cameron being involved in everyday things and being exposed to "typical" experiences.

    Team Cameron (daddy and the boys) finished in 16:42 averaging an 8:21 mile. We'll take it considering the physical circumstances we ran under. The next race is another 5K this Saturday in Portsmouth, NH. We have some healing to do in the meantime. Wish us luck and thank you for all your support thus far. To get involved with Team Cameron go to First Giving - we appreciate all your efforts.

    Thank you from Team Cameron

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