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    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    Just Say NO to Rasheed Wallace

    Ok, ok, before you jump down my throat about how Rasheed Wallace is a great player. How the Celtics would be lucky to have him, hear me out.

    The Celtics of 2009 define professionalism. Led by the Big 3 (and trust me they will be back with a vengeance) the Boston Celtics show up to work and always give 110%, with the rest of the team following suit.

    With the Celtics right now, there is very little BS. No team is perfect of course and there are some question marks about the professionalism of Rajon Rondo, made even by the GM, but with these minor issues the Celtics are a shining example of what an organization in the NBA should be.

    So what does all this have to do with Rasheed Wallace? Do I think he doesn't work hard? No. Do I think he wouldn't be a good addition to the Celtics lineup? No. I do however think he is a cry baby

    I have always thought this about Rasheed Wallace. I thought it about him when he played for the Trail Blazers, the Hawks and more than ever while he has been with the Pistons. I don't think I am alone in saying this, there are many people who believe 'Sheed is a cry baby, a clubhouse cancer and just all around a sore sport that doesn't deserve the paper that his checks are cashed on.

    Now of course, there are the on-court things he brings to the Celtics. He brings a proven center-forward into the fold for the Celtics. He brings a good relationship with Kevin Garnett which will help with chemistry. He is a beast on the boards and very strong defensively and would certainly sure up the C's bench.

    So, if you're looking at it from a strictly basketball stand point, he is a no-brainer, but everyone knows that not everything is about what a player can do on the court. So Mr. Ainge, I implore you, please remove Rasheed Wallace from your list of potential free agents you are pursuing.

    Ainge said on the first night of free agency he contacted 10 free agents about interest in playing for the Celtics organization. Rasheed Wallace has responded by saying the interest is mutual.

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