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    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    Episode 91 - Proud To Be

    Well look who's been left to mind the show...the old guard. The senior members of the Wicked Pissa Dude team join forces to bring you this weeks TNA (Thursday Night Addition). Timmy a.k.a. "Nostradumbass" and Billy a.k.a. "Rubba Shoes" are set to welcome another member of the local nine to US citizenship. They'll also speculate on the Celtics latest courtship with Rasheed Wallace and the chance of the "bad boy" becoming a "homeboy" for Team Green. Have the Bruins made any noise in the free agent market? The guys will discuss all that and check in on their fantasy baseball and nascar teams. Thanks for checking out the blog and the shows. Subscribe now to become a member of the Wicked Pissa Nation, and tell your friends to join as well. Happy 4th of July, God Bless the USA.
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