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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    NBA "Draft" Party - Scotty Dukes Style

    I know it has been awhile since I have blogged but I could not let the NBA Draft go by without throwing my opinion out there. Now there have been a few moves worth noting already the biggest being Richard Jefferson becoming a journeyman all of a sudden and being to moved to Western Conference power house San Antonio for basically nothing (yes Bruce Bowen i am calling you nothing) and the other move is Minnesota getting more picks than Jesus. With the deal about to get done with Washington to get the 5th pick the Wolves will have 5,6,18,28 which is impressive.The key word to this draft though will be money.

    Money will be a big part of this draft. Money will drive most teams to trade out of their picks and some into other picks. Tuesdays moves are just the beginning of some crazy wheeling and dealing that will be happening come Thursday evening. Will the Celtics be apart of the wheeling and dealing yes but not on Thursday night. They will not trade up, even Danny Ainge does not think they will trade up. Now that could be smoke and mirrors and if so then I am wrong and they see something in this draft that could really help this team that I do not see.

    This is my first round predictions (lets see of they are better than my NFL Draft predictions)

    1. L.A. Clippers - Blake Griffin
    2. Memphis - Hasheem Thabeet
    3. O. C. Thunder - Ricky Rubio
    (I think they will trade)
    4. Sacremento - Tyreke Evans
    5. Minnesota - James Harden
    (Most likely trade him to O.C. for Rubio)
    6. Minnesota - Stephen Curry
    7. Golden State - Jordan Hill
    8. New York - Gerald Henderson
    9. Toronto - Demar DeRozan
    10. Miluakee - Johnny Flynn
    11. New Jersey - Earl Clark
    12. Charlotte - Tyler Hansbrough
    13. Indiana - Dejuan Blair
    14. Phoenix - James Johnson
    15. Detroit - BJ Mullens
    16. Chicago - Terrence Williams
    17. Philly - Jeff Teague
    18. Minnesota - Jrue Holiday
    19. Atlanta - Chase Budinger
    20. Utah - Wayne Ellington
    21. New Orleans - Eric Maynor
    22. Dallas - Ty Lawson
    23. Sacremento - Tony Douglas
    24. Portland - Brendan Jennings
    25. O.C. Thunder - Omri Casspi
    26. Chicago - Taj Gibson
    27. Memphis - Dajuan Summers
    28. Minnesota - Jonas Jerebko
    29. LA Lakers - Derek Brown
    30. Cleveland - Jeff Adrien

    Most of these picks will not happen as I said above I think that this will be one of the more active drafts we have seen in awhile so sit down and enjoy the NBA Draft, it's going to be a wild one!
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