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    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Lester Hudson can PLAY!

    Draft night has now come and gone and with the Celtics only having one pick, and no true reason to make any kind of trade to move up in the draft since there really weren't any players worth it, they drafted a 6'3 guard from Tennessee Martin named Lester Hudson. Now at first I said "Who?" then they rolled some footage on the kid and I went online and it started to come back to me, this kid can BALL! I remember watching a game late season Memphis vs Tennessee Martin (mostly cause I am fan of Tyreke Evans) and saw this guard lighting up the Tigers.
    The announcers were talking about this "young man" and they were saying that because he was a senior, now I bring this up because it surprised me when I was watching this kid thinking "Wow a scoring guard that actually stayed four years in a small school" usually kids that can score like this will be gone by their junior year at least.

    Doing my research I saw some incredible numbers 27ppg his senior year 25ppg his junior year and then I saw that he was an even smaller school and still put up double digit ppg off the bench. A flat out scorer that the Celtics could use. The question now becomes will a 58th selection make the team? We will have to wait and see what happens, but I for one will be watching closely at the summer games to see how this kid will play with the big boys. My best guess is he will do least better than JR Giddens.
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