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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Episode 86 - The Real One

    CONTEST : email the show - and tell us which photo is from Los Angeles and which is from Tehran. There is a free transcript of tonights show up for grabs. Good Luck!

    Yes, if you are scoring at home there was indeed no Episode 85 last week. We lost count. So here we are again with the "real" episode 86. Not to worry, it does not disappoint. Adam and Timmy discuss the parallel between political upheaval in Tehran and athletic excellence in Los Angeles, the similarities are spooky. Adam tells us about his trip to Philly for the Sox game Saturday night in the rain. Also, Timmy's son Aidan makes his broadcast debut on WPDR and divulges some unfortunate and personal news about Timmy. You can't miss this one! Thanks for checking out the show and the blog, as always tell your friends. We're free! Subscribe now right up there at the top of the page. Have a great week. Don't forget the TNA (Thursday Night Addition) is back for good. Enjoy it in all its glory this Thursday night with Timmy, Billy "Rubba Shoes" Corey and Adam is even rumored to be making an appearance as well. We're back baby!
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