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    Friday, June 5, 2009

    Do the Red Sox Really "Need" David Ortiz?

    After Timmy dubbed Big Papi, David Ortiz, Big Pop-up a couple of weeks ago, I have been reconsidering my position on the slugger. You see, I am the ultimate optimist and when it comes to hometown heroes like David Ortiz, I like to think the best of them. Sometimes I wonder if I should be more realistic about things, but then I realize I like seeing the world through rose colored glasses. So, I continue to think that Papi is innocent and has not done anything wrong. The only crime I think he may have committed is growing old, but we all do that. This was reinforced by this article by Bill Simmons on

    It is neither Big Papi's alleged steroid use or his overnight aging that has me wondering, it's the fact the Red Sox are in first place, virtually without him.

    The Boston Red Sox have survived an early slump by David Ortiz (which continues) and they have seen their "ace" pitchers struggle through the first part of the season, but they have the strength in their lineup and the heart of a champion that has kept them plugging away and has positioned them nicely for a real run at another World Series.

    The question remains, can they do it without a true slugger? All signs point to the fact that they are going to have to. Without a strong Big Papi in the lineup, the Red Sox sluggers are limited to great hitters who just don't have the same presence that David Ortiz or even Manny Ramirez have. Not taking anything away from Jason Bay, but he really just doesn't strike the same fear in opposing pitchers that a strong David Ortiz does.

    So, do the Red Sox need David Ortiz to win another World Series this year? Of course not. They have made it this far without him (virtually of course...he has been there, but hasn't really "been" there) and they will continue to thrive without his bat in the lineup. They will play a different kind of baseball, but they will find a way to win and who is going to stop them? The Rays? Likely not. The Blue Jays? They'll fade. So, it will be the Red Sox v. Yankees in the ALCS again this year and who will win? The team with the bigger bats or the team with the silencing pitching? I vote for pitching, ALWAYS. That is why the Boston Red Sox will defeat the New York Yankees to make it to another World Series this year. I know it's early and a lot can happen, but as it stands now, despite their overwhelming power, the Yankees just simply do not have the pitching strength to match us.

    Do the Red Sox really "need" David Ortiz? No, they don't. It would be nice to have him back to his old self again though...seriously.

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