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    Thursday, June 4, 2009

    7 Reasons for Boston Fans to Be Excited About The NBA Finals

    Tonight is the start of the NBA Finals and I for one am excited about them. So, I am not as excited as I would be if the Celtics were making an appearance, but I think this is going to be one hell of a series and I hope Scotty Dukes is right when he picked Orlando way back at the beginning of the season.

    So, here are the top seven reasons why Boston fans should be excited about the finals.

    1.) Kobe Bryant: I, for one, am not his biggest fan, I don't think anyone that cheers on the Celtics could be his biggest fan, but, you have to give him his due. The man can be simply amazing and while he has proven time and time again that he is worthy of being mentioned among the greatest players to have ever played the game, a victory in the finals this year will set him above many. For that reason, I believe we will see a spectacular performance out of Kobe Bryant this series.

    2.) Dwight Howard: The man is, simply put, a beast and the Lakers have NO ONE that can stop him. Pau Gasol is going to stop him? Andrew Bynum? PLEASE. Kendrick Perkins is one of the only people in the league that can make Dwight Howard work and even still Howard had some pretty impressive games against the Celtics. As dominating as I believe Kobe will be on the Lakers side of the ball, I think Superman will be for the Magic, making the impact of the two players even out.

    3.) The Magic Remind Me of the 2001 New England Patriots: This is a young team, with a young leader. They have had a serious injury to one of their star players (Jameer Nelson) and now are playing with an acquired back-up in Rafer Alston. They have been, throughout the playoffs a severe underdog. Did anyone give them a chance against Cleveland? They have the ability to put up big numbers on the offensive side of the ball. AND they win close games, something the '01 Pats knew a little bit about.

    4.) From Downtown: The firepower on both sides of the floor is undeniable. We have seen the Lakers light it up from downtown with the likes of Derek Fisher (who admittedly has had a rough playoffs) and of course the three point shooting barrage that is the Orlando Magic backcourt will be on display throughout this series.

    5.) Kobe can't handle the pressure: The world is watching, waiting and in some cases rooting for Kobe to get his first ring without the Shaq Attack. In some respect, his career as one of the greatest will not be solidified until he has won without the big man. This I think, is an unfair assessment, but none the less, in order to be truly considered great in the mind of the basketball world and in his own mind, he needs to win on his "own." He cannot do that. Even the greats had a championship caliber team around them. Larry Bird had McHale and Parish. Magic Johnson had Worthy and Kareem. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen. It's the old Batman and Robin scenario, the greats can't do it without help and Kobe just doesn't have the necessary help.

    6.) Everyone Loves and Underdog: The Magic are the underdog of all underdogs in this series. Virtually every "analyst" is picking the Lakers to win. It's a foregone conclusion that Kobe will get his 4th ring and something seems eerily familiar with those predictions. Memory is short in this day and age. It was literally two weeks ago when the Cavs were undefeated going into the Orlando series. No one gave the Magic a chance to win, NO ONE!! It seemed like the series would be a walk in the park for King James, but little did he know royalty is no match for a super hero. The story is the same this time, the villain is just different.

    7.) The Magic will Win: Kobe, Pau and all the rest of the Lakers will have to wait until next year. I am going with Scotty Dukes on this prediction and giving the finals to Orlando. Kobe doesn't have the kryptonite that will stop the big fella down low and they can double down on him all they want, but his hired guns behind the arc will make the Lakers pay all series long. Orlando in six.

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