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    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Got 'Em: C's Playoff Tickets

    I just purchased a four pack of tickets to Game 2 of the first round series for the C's. Here are my seats. I am so excited. While I have been a life-long Celtics fan, this will be my first Celtics playoff game.

    I remember watching my first Celtics playoff games with my dad, sitting on our floor in our house on Starlight Ave. in Chelmsford. We used to yell at the screen when Bill Lambier would come on the tv. My dad would sing the song, "Baby face, he's got that cutest little baby face." Sounds a little weird typing it, but when there is sarcasm in his voice, it's funny.

    Anyway, we picked up our tix off of Craigslist and got a set of four seats for $280, which really isn't bad for a C's playoff game. I am debating whether or not I should've bought first round because who knows how far they'll make it. I think we made the right decision and are going to our first Celtics playoff game ever!! SO EXCITED!!

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