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    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    Fringe Report : Rubba Shoes on the Rail

    Well, It's been awhile since I have blogged, but I couldn't miss the Kentucky Derby. I have just spent the last hour looking over footage on on the top contenders in the Kentucky Derby. I watched the favorite, I Want Revenge, Dunkirk, Pioneer of the Nile, Friesan Fire, Desert Party and Regal Ransom. While watching those horses I also saw a bunch of the other's entered in the derby. After watching I don't think Friesan Fire has a chance. I Want Revenge was impressive in the 2 races I watched and he won, but the Robert Lewis Stakes he ran against Pioneer of the Nile, and Pioneer of the Nile won that race pretty handily. Dunkirk had impressive runs in the races I watched. Regal Ransom was upset by stable mate Desert Party, but if the race was just a little longer I believe Regal Ransom would have won. So here is how I believe the first four will come in.

    1st - Pioneer of the Nile
    2nd - Dunkirk
    3rd - I Want Revenge
    4th - Regal Ransom

    Good luck at the betting window and I will see you at the Preakness.

    This is Rubba Shoes Corey. Keeping the Fringe Alive.
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