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    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Draftology : Scotty Dukes Style

    Last year for the NFL draft we all went down to Gillette for the festivities, not knowing that it would be more drama than just who the Pats would take in the top ten. After purchasing the tix for the draft party the Patriots send out an email which has a contest that involves a mock draft with the winner receiving season tickets for that upcoming season. After a few adult beverages and some cheerleaders walking by a few times I had forgotten about this mock draft that I had entered and was just enjoying the moment, when the the host , public address announcer for the New England Patriots John Rooke says "We are going to check out the standings of the mock draft with 5 picks left and see who has a chance to win season tickets." Now remembering I had entered I looked up at the screen and there was my name in third place just two picks behind the leader.

    Here is where the drama would start. I could not remember who I took for the final few picks and I was trying to calm my nerves (which means drinking fast and furious, thanks for driving Timmy) as I knew that these last 5 picks were going to be long and would feel even longer.
    To make a long story short, too late, I fell short finishing 5th overall out of a couple hundred which I guess is not that bad, but when I heard the guy up at the podium saying "I just looked at a few mock drafts online and kinda did it like that." That made my stomach turn, my mock draft last year and this year is MY mock draft, not Mike Mayocks or Mel Kipers no this is who I think is going to which team and when.

    If I lose again it will sting a bit, but at least I know that I did it my own way and I did not copy anyone else s mock draft. So here it is the 2009 NFL Mock Draft on

    1. Matthew Stafford QB - Lions
    2. Jason Smith OT - Rams
    3. Aaron Curry LB - Chiefs
    4. Eugene Monroe OT -Seahawks
    5. Brian Orakpo DE - Browns
    6. Andre Smith OT - Bengals
    7. Michael Crabtree WR - Raiders
    8. Mark Sanchez QB - Jaguars
    9. B.J. Raji DT - Packers
    10. Aaron Maybin DE - 49ers
    11. Michael Oher OT - Bills
    12. Everette Brown DE - Broncos
    13. Tyson Jackson DE - Redskins
    14. Robert Ayers DE - Saints
    15. Malcolm Jenkins CB - Texans
    16. Rey Maualuga ILB - Chargers
    17. Josh Freeman QB - Jets
    18. Brian Cushing OLB - Broncos
    19. Vontae Davis CB - Bucs
    20. Jeremy Maclin WR - Lions (because you know they will draft a WR)
    21. Knowshon Moreno RB - Eagles
    22. Darrius Heyward-Bey WR - Vikings
    23. Clay Matthews OLB - Patriots
    24. Brandon Pettigrew TE - Falcons
    25. Brian Robiskie WR - Dolphins
    26. Alphonso Smith CB - Ravens
    27. Evander Hood DT - Colts
    28. Larry English DE - Bills
    29. Mohamed Massaqoui WR - Giants
    30. Jerry Peria DT - Titans
    31. Chris Wells RB - Cardinals
    32. Max Unger C - Steelers

    As you can see this is the year for the Lineman, 9 out of the top 32 are defensive lineman, and 5 are offensive lineman which makes 14 and is almost half the first round. Defense will be a big part of the first day in this years NFL draft but do not discount some of the offensive skill players such as Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, and the steal in the draft where I have him at least is Knowshon Moreno going to Philly to help take the pressure off of Brian Westbrook now that Correll Buckhalter is a Bronco.

    I hope you enjoy the draft and it will be an ALL CAPS blog if I win the season tix with this mock draft.
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