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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Sex, Lies and Videotapes

    With the recent scandals rocking the Yankees organization, this one has to be the funniest!! A-Rod kissing A-Rod? I LOVE IT!!! This steamy pictoral will show up in this months Details magazine. Did he really think this photo shoot was a good idea?

    In what world does this guy make $180 some odd million dollars and I am doing WPDR for a couple of pennies and a trip to the Chowdah Cook-Off? I mean this is getting ridiculous. Then there's another spread where he is laying on a mattress that looks like it's in a drug den...really?

    Dear A-Rod, take a page out of my boy Jay-Z's book. Wear a suit and don't ever be photographed looking anything less than 100% daper don. If you do that, I will have some respect for you, but in the meantime stay away from fashion magazines.

    Or, here's a radical idea, don't take a good role model...and JUST PLAY BASEBALL. You're a TOOL!!

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