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    Monday, March 2, 2009

    In Bill We Trust

    I know that every sports website you go to people are talking about this Matt Cassel/Mike Vrabel to KC for the 34th overall in next months draft. Some are saying that it is a bad trade, "The Pats did not get enough back what the F were they thinking!" some are saying that it is a "shady deal and that Billy wanted to help his buddy out in KC." Some even want the commisioner to step in and rescind the trade! That would be the blowhard Jay Mariotti who I think writes stuff at just so that people can comment on what a moron he is, but that is all beside the point.

    Look Pats nation, look around, we are all hurting in this horrible time and the Pats need to clear some room and that is what they did. Now that has been said, the Pats did free up some money and did it the Patriot way which is "What is best for the organization." Start with Mike Vrabel from some sources the Pats were thinking of cutting him which would have saved them some money not as much as if they traded him. Plus this is the ethical thing to do, the man help the Pats win two championships out of three trips to the Super Bowl, cutting him would have not guaranteed him that 4+million he is expected to get this season. Now could he gotten more if was cut and become a free agent maybe, but you never know. Now we get to the best for the organization part of this, the Pats want to get younger at the position they are the oldest and that is LB. Next months draft is littered with LB talent that the Pats will be taking part in.

    Now for the Matt Cassel part of this deal. I am a little tired of hearing how "The Pats could have gotten SOOOOO much more for him!" this is a 7th round draft pick who played one full season and did well within that system. Looking back I am one of those people who wanted to get more for Matty, but that really WAS wishful thinking. Cassel did a great job this year I am not trying to take anything away from that, but he had a lot of talent around him and was sitting behind one of the greatest QB's of all time learning and studying with him in the same system. A second round pick for Matt Cassel was going to be one of the better deals (not the best deal but I won't get into Tampa Bay, saving that for TNA) the Pats were going to see. A big misconception of this deal is that every team wanted Matty which was not the case. He did very well this season but with a mostly cupcake schedule he was not able to beat the better teams the Pats faced this past fall.

    Finally the Pats received the 34th overall pick from KC, SWEET! I am very happy about this as it is going to be their 4th second round pick in next months draft. The Pats have not done great in the last few second round selections (See Chad Jackson as one example) but having four second round picks means the Pats will be looking to deal and get something that will be...wait for for the organization. The Pats freed up quite a bit of money with this deal and they have already benefited by bringing back James Sanders and are working on a deal for arguably the most important player on the defense in Vince Wilfork. So you can be a little frustrated about this deal, but always remember who is making these moves, breathe deep and say it with me "In Bill we trust!"
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