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    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Blow Your Effin' Whistle!

    Well since I am unable to voice my frustrations with my boys Timmy and Rubba Shoes tonight on TNA I will have to pound "wicked hard" on my keyboard in aggravation over last nights loss.

    This is starting to get ridiculous the Boston Celtics last I checked are the defending world champs are they not? Then WTF! The C's again last night have a chance to win a game late, after a great comeback mind you, and yet again the ref swallows the whistle with his ass and forgets to blow it. Fart or something man; blow that thing when Paul Pierce (also the defending NBA Finals MVP) gets clobbered by Dwight Howard. Now I love Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic were my surprise pick to win everything, and I know the NBA and David Stern love him but come on there was more body contact on that play than Howard got ball anyone can see that. Maybe this one was not as blatant as the Derek Fisher foul on Ray Allen a few months back that had us up in arms but it was pretty damn close.

    Okay I have taken a deep there are good things to take away from this loss and those being the fact the C's almost beat a healthy Magic team with the defensive player of the year playing only 16 minutes and most of those were in the first half. There is no doubt in my mind that Doc is taking it easy with KG as he knows that the games count more in May than they do in March, but I would have still liked to have seen him for a couple of minutes in the fourth. That could be just me though.

    Overall great comeback from the C's and another tough loss. It will be interesting if the seasons' final standings come down to a couple of L's separating the Celtics from being the 2 or the 3 seed if so then you can bet you will be hearing Celtics fans blowing there whistle.

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