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    Monday, February 23, 2009

    The Wide World of Fringe Sports

    Well, it seems to be a slow sports day for the big 4 sports, so let's take a look at the not so big 4. When I say big 4, I am talking Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Fringe sports would be the rest of them. Did you happen to catch any of the Rugby that was on the tube yesterday. I was sitting at a kid's birthday party and the Celtics game had just ended. That is when someone started flipping through the stations to find something to watch. It ended up on Rugby. We started watching and before you knew it, we were oooowing and ahhhhing at what we were watching. That got me thinking, that true sports fans will watch anything to fill a void. Especially when you have a room full of guys who just watched the C's take it to the Sun's.

    Now I think that if people had enough time to devote to the "fringe" sports, they might actually enjoy them. Just stop and think, on that rainy day in June, when the Sox get rained out. You get bored and start flipping stations. You stop on the LPGA, because one it's a sport and two the girls don't look so bad, then the commercial comes and you start flipping again, and you land on Monster Trucks. You stop because you don't think anyone can see you, and then you catch yourself kind of amazed at what they can do with a big pick-up truck. Start flipping again and there is a re-run of Monday Night Raw. You stop because the LPGA is still in commercial, and you reminisce about your youth when you once watched Hulk Hogan take on Andre the Giant, or you would see Jimmy Superfly Snuka go airborne off the top rope. We have all been there.

    If you liked it as a kid, you probably could still like it as an adult. All you need is a little extra time to give it a try. Don't laugh at people who watch this stuff, because if you weren't so busy running around and could actually relax on a Monday night when Monday Night Football is all done, and the new season of 24 is all over, give the WWE a try, watch out you just might like it. Just remember when you try watching these other sports, you have to go into them with an open mind. If you go in thinking they are going to suck, then you wouldn't enjoy it if you could. If you happen to check out the WWE, remember, it isn't fake, it's scripted (to a point). When a person does a backwards flip of the top rope and land on someone on the concrete floor, they are really doing it. They do whatever they can to help each other not seriously hurt themselves, but it is still real. I've even caught myself watching Bass fishing on really slow sports days. If there is some type of competition going on I can get into it. For now, this is Rubba Shoes Corey, keeping it real.

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