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    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    The Roid World of Sports

    When the whole thing broke a few years ago, when Canseco's first book came out, I thought he is full of it. There can't be that many players using. Over the past few years it looks like he was correct. Baseball seems to get the brunt of it, because of the BALCO scandal, Barry Bonds, Clemens, Caminiti, Giambi. McGwire, Sosa and now A-rod. All pretty big names in baseball. Football has had a few big names, but it almost seems that because it is a violent sport, people think that they have to do it, so we as a society seem to turn the other way.

    As was said on WPDR last night, the drugs are ahead of the testing and it looks like we are just going to have to deal with the fact that the majority of the players are tainted. As long as they say that they are testing and players are caught here and there, people are going to believe that sports are clean. Myself, I believe most athletes are doing something and it is just part of the game now. What can we do. I myself don't want to see kids in high school or even younger using this stuff. We as parents have to do the best we can to educated our children and hope that when they get to an age that they are on there own they will know to make the correct choice. As far as the hall of fame goes. I believe that players that are using are facing other player that are using so, if they are putting up hall of fame numbers they should be elected to the hall of fame. All these people that say well so and so back in the 80's, 70's, 60's.......etc. didn't use them. I say, How do you know?

    I ask you this, when where steroids invented? I have found that they where discovered in the early 60's. So, your telling me no athlete between then and the 90's was using them? Baseball didn't even start testing and disciplining until the 2000's. Your telling me that Ricky Henderson was free and clear of steroids his whole career. Maybe, maybe not. We don't know. That is why I say if they have hall of fame numbers then put them in the hall. It's amazing that someone that supposedly played the game the right way, never thought to have used steroids and holds the all time hits title, can't be in the hall because he has a little gambling problem, and was even banned from baseball. That is just one persons perspective.

    Rubbershoes Corey, keeping it real.

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