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    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Here we go again...

    So reports out of Bristol, Conn. say that Brett Favre's agent has contacted the Jets to let them know that he is "planning" on retiring. Here we go again. Didn't we here this about a year ago, when he said the same thing to the Packers? Ok, I am putting my neck out there by saying this, because my wife is one of the biggest Favre fans around, but, he needs to go. Every year he says he is going to retire, then he doesn't, just tarnishes his legacy. I think most Favre fans would say the same thing.

    The season he had 2 seasons ago was pretty good, one of his best, he should have retired after that one. He was probably thinking that he had one of his best seasons, so there is no reason for him to retire. Last season, seemed to be filled with bad decisions. I consider myself a Favre fan. I have enjoyed watching him over the years, except when he and the Packers beat the Patriots in the Superbowl. I am a big QB fan. It started back in the 80's with Dan Marino.

    I have always enjoyed watching good quarterbacks. That is why, I would like Favre to finally retire. I remember the good times, especially the Monday Night Football game just after his father passed away, what a performance, but the longer he hangs on and has games with bad interceptions, we remember him more for the games he has blown, then the games he has won. Another reason he should have retired last year, is we wouldn't have has to see him in a Jet's uniform.

    Just like Montana, Emmit Smith and Marcus Allen before him, we can't just remember them for the classic team they played for, but we see there names on other jersey's and just scratch our heads. Here is to hoping that he makes the right decision and retires once and for all. He can finally have his name put where it belongs, on the stadium at Lambeau field and his bust in Canton. Please Brett, go away quietly this time. Just one persons perspective.

    Billy "Rubbershoes" Corey, keeping it real.
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