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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    The Fringe Report : WWE to MMA

    Well back in the late 1990's we had UFC fighter Ken Shamrock go from MMA to the WWE, now we have people going from the WWE to the MMA. First we had Brock Lennar, who was an elite college wrestler who lost to the Patriots Stephen Neal in the 1999 NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, who beat Randy Couture for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and is the reigning champion. Now we have former WWE United States Championship, Bobby Ashley, who was a three time NCAA Champion at Missouri Valley College and was also an Armed Forces champion. He spent 3 years in the WWE and has now joined American Top Team to start training for MMA. He is going to start fighting in some of the lesser leagues and wait for the call from Dana White the President of the UFC. There is a potential clash of former WWE Champions for the UFC Heavyweight title.

    I don't know how die hard UFC fans feel about the WWE Pro Wrestlers coming into the MMA, but I love it. When you watch the WWE and they have little guys beating big guys, you always say in real life he would kick his butt. Now we can see it for real. I am pulling for Ashley to make his way to the UFC and square off against Lennar. I know that the die hards didn't want Lennar to beat Couture, but Lennar is an animal, and he is just going to get better. He is supposed to have a rematch with Frank Mir, who has gave Lennar his first and only defeat in the UFC. In the first fight Lennar was dominating Mir and made one mistake and got caught in an ankle lock that had Lennar tap out. I don't think it will happen in the rematch. From the octagon this is Rubber Shoes Corey keeping it real.

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