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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Fringe Report: Kentucky Derby

    Well, it is just a little over 2 months away before the first Saturday in May. For some it is just a day that hopefully they will catch a Sox game, Celt's in the playoffs or for the local hockey fans, the Bruins still in the chase for the cup.(I prefer the Habs.) For me, the first Saturday in May means the Kentucky Derby. The first jewel in the triple crown. For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of the triple crown. It was ingrained in me since birth. My parents are both fans of the big three events in horse racing. I'll put it this way, we ran a pool for the Preakness at my wedding reception. I am still waiting for a dominant horse to win all three. It has not happened since 1978, when Affirmed won all three races. I was still a little too young to remember the events of that year clearly. I want one I can remember.

    There have been a bunch that have won the first two legs, but then something happens in New York to prevents the sweep. Last year I thought we had one for sure in Big Brown, but he ended up a Big Dud at the Belmont. I thought I would give a list of horse's that could be entering into the Derby this year, so you can keep an eye on them between now and the first Saturday in May.

    1. Pioneer of the Nile 6 starts 3 wins 1 show
    2. Midshipman 4 starts 3 wins 1 place
    3. Old Fashioned 4 starts 4 wins
    4. The Pamplemousse 4 starts 2 wins 1 show
    5. Vineyard Haven 5 starts 3 wins 1 show
    6. Capt. Candyman Can 5 starts 3 wins 1 show
    7. Chocolate Candy 8 starts 4 wins 1 place 1 show
    8. Hello Broadway 4 starts 1 win 2 place's
    9. Friesan Fire 6 starts 3 wins 1 place 1 show
    10. Beethoven 6 starts 3 wins 1 show
    11. Donativum 6 starts 3 wins 1 place
    12. Mr. Fantasy 2 starts 2 wins
    13. General Quarters 9 starts 2 wins 3 place's 1 show
    14. Break Water Edison 6 wins 2 wins 1 place
    15. Well Positioned 3 starts 1 win
    16. Big Drama 6 starts 5 wins 1 show
    17. Trinity Magic 4 starts 3 wins
    18. Westphalia 7 starts 3 wins
    19. Jack O'Lantern 3 starts 2 wins
    20. Charitable Man 2 starts 2 wins

    I figure 20 is enough, If memory serves me the biggest the field can be is 20. Not all these horses will enter the race and it is likely there will probably be other horses that do. This will at least give you something to check out so you can pick your favorite. That's all for now, I'm Rubba Shoes Corey keeping it real. If you have comments or questions I would love to hear them.

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