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    Monday, February 23, 2009

    Ep61 - In Search of Bobby Duggan

    **This just in, while I was producing the show and AFTER I uploaded it, resident NBA expert Scotty Dukes informed Timmy that "Mikki (Mickey) Moore's" name is pronounced MIKE "E"...we know we're D-bags, please save the e-mail for a later date**

    As Adam turns 30, the boys are in search of their good pal, Bobby Duggan who made plans to be at the 30th bash and then randomly never showed up. Did he get fired? Did he get a date? What is the situation?

    Oh and there are real happenings going on as well, as Adam's beloved Nascar team goes 2-0 for his first undefeated fantasy start ever...YA DUDE!!

    The Celtics will announce tomorrow that they have inked a deal with F/C Mikki Moore (not to be confused with Mickey Rourke) who will play a Mark Blount type role for the C's going down the stretch. When will KG be back? It doesn't matter, because Phoenix you just got RONDO'D!!

    Mazz thinks the Red Sox are boring...Timmy is just fine with that, but there are tickets still available for 9 home games in April and May, I feel a Wicked Pissa Dude Radio night at the ballpark coming on!!

    All this and more on Episode 61 of Wicked Pissa Dude Radio.

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