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    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    Croq of Shhhhhhh

    As if he didn't already get snubbed once by being left off the East All-Star roster, Ray Ray was snubbed again by not being included in the All-Star weekend three point shooting contest. That's not really what is a croq though because while we all know Ray Allen is lights out from behind the arc, nobody has been hotter than Eddie House this season and I mean nobody.

    Sure he started out the season a little shakey but since then he hasn't met a three pointer he didn't love, including his 8-9 performance from behind the arc last week. Not to mention, Eddie House is from the Arizona area where All-star weekend is being held.

    So who then did the NBA pick to be in the competition? Well of course, it was to be expected that defending champion Jason Kapano from Toronto would be on the list and everyone will be rooting for him to tie the Legends three contest wins in a row. Also on the list is Atlanta's Mike Bibby, Miami's Daequan Cook, Indiana's Danny Granger, Orlando's Rashard Lewis and San Antonio's Roger Mason.

    It's incredibly exhausting that Eddie House didn't make this roster. I mean I would be fine if these were all superstar names from superstar teams, but they are NOT!! Eddie House plays for the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS...what more superstar power do you need?

    More bitching about this tomorrow night on WPDR TNA with Timmy and Scotty Dukes!!

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