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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Will he or won't he? That's the question...

    The big boys have given the former Captain of the Boston Red Sox a deadline to make a decision on whether or not he will be returning to place the "C" on that uniform again this season. The report first came out as Sat. the 31st being D-day. The latest reeports now are saying it is the end of business on Friday the 30th. Either way I am happy that there is a deadline on this deal, with going back and forth wondering "will he or won't he?" was starting to wear me thin. The Sox need to know whether to move on and grab another catcher or be ready to watch Tek possibly groom Josh Bard to be the catcher of the future, either way get it done! Don't get me wrong here either. If I had my way, Tek would be showing up in FLA in couple of weeks going eeny meeny miny moe with his pitchers on who he will call another no-hitter with next. Although we don't live in a perfect world and that may not happen. Finally though the Sox can at least push back (screw you Boras) a little knowing that there are few teams out there ,if any at all, that will pay anywhere near the asking price for Tek. So this move works for me and hopfully will work out for the Sox. We will find out on Friday...or wait is it Saturday?
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