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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    'Bout Uckin Time!

    After fifteen long years Jim Rice is going to the baseball Hall of Fame. Fifteen years...think about that. Do you own anything that you had fifteen years ago? How many people do you still talk to that you met 15 years ago? Jeezus that's half my age! To say it has been a long time coming would be the understatement of...well the last fifteen years. Jim Rice was Albert Pujols before Albert Pujols held a bat. Jim Ed had combined numbers that made him first in the majors in hits and RBI's and third in HR's for a stretch of ten years (1975-1986). The man was a power house. One Hall of Famer, Goose Gossage said "There's no hitter that scared me, but Jim Rice came the closest" Gossage got in last year after eight years on the ballot by the way. In his last year of eligibility Jim Rice is finally in the Hall of Fame. This means that most fans (like my father) can now check Jim Ed off that infamous list of tragedies that have haunted the Boston Red Sox franchise. Winning the Series in '04 was the big one. None the less, congratulations to Jim Rice. Every last minute of satisfaction and commendation is now yours. Well earned.

    Oh yeah Rickey Henderson made the hall too.

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    Blogger Michael said...

    I'm pleased that Jim was in. He doesn't ruin the Hall, but he's not one of the better selections. But as one of Our Boys, it's nice to see him go in.

    January 12, 2009 at 7:57 PM  

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