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    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Steinbrenner Ruined My Christmas

    It's a good thing that we still have hope that the Patriots will have a spot in the playoffs because if this news came down AFTER the Pats got edged out by the Dolphins the City of Champions would be limping into Christmas...let's hope that doesn't happen.

    Mark Teixeria just signed a deal with the NEW YORK F-ING YANKEES!! Quite possibly that is the worst case scenario for the Red Sox. Thankfully my office mate is a Mets fan so he is taking it easy on me, but he makes a good point, now the Spankmees have NO EXCUSE not to win. Then, when they sign Manny, he'll be a clubhouse cancer and ruin the whole thing...hey a boy can dream.

    Here's the story.

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