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    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    We Didn't Deserve This One

    Ya, that's about right. The Patriots didn't look sharp at ALL in the 1st half, at least until the last scoring drive. Then opening the third quarter with a great drive, stopped by a Ben Watson fumble. The next drive stopped by an errant snap for a HUGE loss. Throw in a couple of missed opportunities with Moss deep and you've got a recipe for disaster.

    In all reality, the Patriots should've won this game, but they should have never been in a position to win. The way they drove the ball down the field against the Jets defense in the 3rd quarter, the Patriots should have won this game. Should have, but didn't. This was not the way this game was supposed to go. This was supposed to be the game that the Patriots put the Jets away. This was supposed to be the night that had Matty Cassel turning the corner from shaky back-up to starting NFL quarterback (Granted it would be with another team next year, but this was the break the perenial backup needed.) Instead, this was the night the Patriots made their playoff hopes a more difficult mountain to climb. This was the night that made the rest of the NFL realize why Matt Cassel has always been a backup to great quarterbacks.

    Despite the loss though, it wasn't all bad. Cassel showed some poise in the pocket. He showed some toughness by tucking the ball and running with it for 60+ yards. It's just not in the cards for Matt Cassel to be a starting quarterback.

    Bright spots in the night? There was one, the defense. Yes shaky at best in the first half. The second half was a different story. In the second half (with the exception of one drive) the Pats D was back to it's bend but don't break ways. Then there was overtime when bend but don't break just wouldn't cut it.

    As impressive as the drive that tied the game at the end of regulation was, it still didn't win the Patriots the game and now they are in a much tougher position then they were had they pulled out a W tonight.

    On another note, is NFL Networks coverage of Thursday night football over yet? This is the worst experiment since the Hindenburg. Cris Collinsworth is probably the worst announcer in the history of announcers. He was terrible on NBC, he's worse doing color. I did color on three football games on WMUA in college and this guy couldn't carry my jockstrap...and I SUCKED!!! It's just exhausting.

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