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    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Singled Out: Red Sox win Game #1

    Jon Lester was stellar in his Game #1 start on Wednesday night. The man is simply becoming one of the best starters in the game. What were we all worried about that Beckett was going to have to sit out? In 7 innings, Lester gave up just six hits (all of which were singles) and no earned runs to put the Red Sox in a good position to take Game #1, which they did by a score of 4-1. Champs Sports

    Jason Bay had Boston fans saying, Manny who, with his two run shot off Lackey in the sixth inning to put the Red Sox out in front 2-1. He was the first Red Sox player since Todd Walker, to hit a home run in his playoff debut with the Sox and it came at a big spot in the game.

    I can’t lie, these 10p starts kill me. My eye-lids were basically opening and closing the entire night, but to watch a good, solid, Game #1 victory like this, was worth the agony I am feeling this morning. Damn I wish I was still in college, I could’ve stayed up for these games no problem back then, but back then, there was no playoff baseball to be had, so I’ll deal.

    The Red Sox did what they needed to do. At times it wasn’t pretty, but at times it was spectacular, like Jacoby’s diving catch in center (oh, and his offensive performance was pretty amazing as well.)

    It is on to Game #2, with Dice on the mound and a fired up Red Sox team that is ready to be the first team to repeat a World Series title since the Yankees did it…where are the Yankees? Oh right, playing golf in Florida. How’s the weather A-Rod, or should I call you Mr. April!!

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