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    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    No rain delay in Tampa Bay!

    That is what is so great about being indoors for playoff baseball. After that, I am at a loss. This series which will clearly be a nail biter is going to be hindered by the environment that hosts 4 of the possible 7 games. Looking back over the recent history of playoff baseball for the Sox we have had enough questionable calls without the added benefit of crappy surroundings. Even with the added layer of officiating security via the use of instant replay, i still have a sick feeling about "The Trop", we'll see. My prediction for this series, Sox in 6. Tropicana Field will play a part in a major controversy before all is said and done. Trust me on this though, the six games will feel like nine. Break out the Tums, here come the Rays.
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