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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Episode 37 - THE VERMONTSTER

    Guess who's back? Back again? Adam's back, back, back, tell a friend. Ok, maybe I'm no slim shady, but after a lengthy two week hiatus I am back in the Elephonkey Productions chair in beautiful downtown Connecticut and ready to rock Yankee country to the core.

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    On this week's episode there was so much to get to, not the least of which was ice cream? Yes, ice cream. Timmy takes Adam to school on the wonders of the Ben and Jerry's Vermontster and the boys reminisce about Sully's in Chelmsdale. Oh there were some sports to get to, including fantasy style and this just in, Adam got his arse handed to him by Billy Corey and now stands at 0-7 on the season. Congratulations to next week's winner...whomever plays Adam.

    Speaking of football, the Pats got the rest of the league right where they want 'em (ok John McCain...OK!!) It's Matt Cassel who according to the Boston Globe is performing eerily like Tom Brady in his first seven games at the helm. Don't believe me, read the story here.

    The World Champion Boston Celtics (that never gets old) start the defense of their title this week and will raise banner #17 to the rafters!! God bless them!!

    The Wicked Pissa Pick this week is John Legend ft. Estelle - No Other Love off of his new CD EVOLVER which is available now at ITunes (buy it through us and support the show, click here to buy it now.)

    All this and more on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio. Thanks for checking out the show.

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