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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    What Did I Miss?

    Over the weekend I was in Montreal to celebrate a very special anniversary with my beautiful wife. While Timmy was humping Doug Flutie's leg, I know. That being said, I think I missed some sporting events? Was there a Patriots game? Did the Red Sox play? Did Bob Kraft buy the Bruins while I was gone? Ok, two out of three aint bad right? So, there's plenty to talk about tonight on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio and we'll cover all the bases.

    The Red Sox and Rays have the biggest series of the season for both clubs and it starts tonight. We'll have a re-cap of the game and of course a look ahead to Soxtober when the Red Sox will show the MLB how to win 3 rings in 4 years, hey, one of our teams already knew how to do a different league of course.

    Also on the show tonight, we'll be talking about the first full regular season game played by everyone's leading MVP candidate Matt Cassel. The Patriots of course, already 2-0 on the season and we'll be talking all about the team that will win the AFC East and get into the playoffs once again.

    We'll also have a fantasy wrap-up and check in on the Wicked Pissa Dude Football League. If you've got a song you want to hear on the show, shoot us an e-mail with your Wicked Pissa Pick,

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