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    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    To Tom or Not To Tom, That Is The Question

    Should we rest him for one more week? With the Kansas City Chiefs coming into town this weekend and Tom Brady still a little banged up, how about we rest him for another week. Don’t think Matt Cassel can get the job done? Neither do I, but I think Kevin O’Connell can and he should get the snap.
    Now, before you get all freaked out on me and tell me that I am just some whack job behind a blog that doesn’t know the first thing about Patriots football, here me out. (By the way, the whack job part, may not be far off.)

    Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs were 4-12. In the pre-season this year they are 2-2. There is a quarterback controversy, in that they don’t know who they’ll be starting because they all suck. Larry Johnson isn’t what he used to be and besides, our defense can shoulder that burden if he comes out firing on all cylinders by some miracle.

    So the real question mark, without Brady in the line-up would be the offense and whether or not Kevin O’Connell (who should start) can lead the charge against the Chiefs defense. What then of the Chiefs defense?

    Last year, the Chiefs defense was the 13th ranked defense in the NFL. They gave up nearly 21 points per game, 130 rushing yds/game, 188 passing yds/game and 320 total yds/game. Let’s be realistic, these are not the ’07 Detroit Lions who ranked last in the league in overall defense, but they are also not the Steelers.

    The Chiefs defense is a middle of the road crew of young guys who are hungry to get better, but that is, they need to get better.

    I am not saying Kevin O’Connell and our offense would eat them alive, but I think we could squeak out a victory. Isn’t that all we need from the Patriots? A win? Give Tom Brady one extra week to heal and get ready for the Jets, after all, that’s gonna be a shoot out with Brett Favre. Hahahahahaahaha!!

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