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    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Timmy runs in the Flutie 5K

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    Anonymous New England Sports Blog said...

    It's hard to believe Michael Felger of WEEI has a problem with Dougie?? WRONG PERSON TO PICK ON FELGIE! Certain members of the NESB family and I have had the pleasure of meeting Doug and he presented himself to be a class act in every regard. Flutie is Solid Gold! I am interested to read the feedback from WPDR Members on anything Felger, Flutie or The Patriots QB situation.

    QB Question: Has Pioli Picked a Pepper or an Old Friend?

    Written by Matthew David Hume, on 11-09-2008 14:58

    Published in : Patriots, Rumors (Mike Florio) Are Pats Standing Pat or Picking Daunte Culpepper?

    moss_wants_a_culpepperimages.jpgThe disclosure on Monday that Chris Simms and Tim Rattay were brought to New England and then asked to leave is, to say the least, unusual. And we see only two explanations for it. First, the Patriots abruptly decided to move ahead with unproven Matt Cassel and rookie Kevin O’Connell as the only two quarterbacks. Second, the Pats came up with another plan.

    Chris Mortensen suggested on Monday night that receiver Randy Moss might be lobbying for the team to pursue recently-retired Daunte Culpepper, who hasn’t responded to our Sunday e-mail regarding whether he’d pull a Favre if the Pats call. The other possibility is that the Pats are planning to swing a deal for someone currently on another team’s depth chart. The problem, however, is that any team with a solid backup likely won’t be inclined to trade him, because said team might need him as soon as this Sunday. Moreover, how many backup quarterbacks out there are any better than Matt Cassel? Patrick Ramsey? Shaun Hill? Kellen Clemens? Ryan Fitzpatrick? Charlie Frye?

    Hume's Pure Speculation: The Patriots' Decision-Makers are once again up to something and as expected they are remaining tight-lipped about all of it! I think that if Belichick and Company we're going to sign an active agent or swing a deal for another team's Q-Back that it most likely would have been leaked by now so my bit of advice is the next time you take a gander at the Free-Agent Signal Caller list take a long lasting look at the retiree portion of the list, just a guarantees. Who would you (that's right I'm talking to you) select off the following list of available QuarterBacks? Please drop us a message in the Forums, Comments or NESB Blast-Chat concerning your selection!

    * Daunte Culpepper
    * Drew Bledsoe
    * Chris Simms
    * Tim Rattay
    * Jake Plummer
    * Vinny Testaverde
    * Doug Flutie
    * Joey Harrington

    September 18, 2008 at 6:43 AM  

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