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    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    Crappy day for a ballgame, let's play none!

    So why did we trot Dice-K out to the bump in inclement weather to pitch to the Spankmees? It's his turn to pitch? Have him throw a side session. Why is Dustin playing today? The fans paid good money to see the Sox play? I completely respect the fact that there are people at Fenway right now (game one - bottom of the 9th - 5:32 pm est) that sat in the December cold for those seats. They deserve to see the players they know and love. Right? I personally disagree.The circumstances have changed and these two games are meaningless. I know for some little kid there right now it is his or her first game, understood. There is nothing to gain by playing any of our starters. Let them rest and rehab for the PLAYOFF series that starts on Wednesday. When the Yankmees are sending Columbus Clippers to the plate why are they facing our 150 million dollar pitcher? It's David Ardsma time! Right? Let's just get through game 2 and get this over with for gawdz sake.

    In other news. NFL? Pats are off. The Jets "Titan" throwbacks annoyed Bobby Dugan almost as much as Shannon "Lookey Heah" Sharpe's pre, half and post game analysis. Psst, hey Mr. Goodell, Ed Hochuli might be on the take. Just a heads up for you sir. Another blown call that screwed the Panthers and anyone starting the Carolina D in fantasy. What's that? Oh, how are my fantasy teams doing? Too early to tell, but let me that's a shame. I will horrify you with a complete update tomorrow on the show. Thanks to everyone that has donated to JDRF via and if you wish to lend your help there is still time to get involved for next Sunday's walk in Manchester, NH. Thanks again. Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of the wet weather and your weekend.
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