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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Timing is everything for the Kotsay Deal

    Mark Kotsay is headed to the Boston Red Sox. My brother in-law Jay is smiling (somewhere). We lost Jay six months ago today. He was traveling in Europe when he passed. He loved to travel, so much so that he had been on the road and all over the globe since the summer of 2000. He came and spent that summer with Gianina and myself while we were living in our first apartment. Great memories.

    It was about that time that Kotsay was in his first few years in the league and starting to put together a decent bunch of numbers. Jay joked while watching Sportscenter that his name reminded him of one of his favorite sayings. Jay coined the term "cock-sag" - like a "buzz kill." Por ejemplo - if you are at the strip joint and your wife walks in, that is a "cock-sag" or a downer.

    To this day everytime I hear his name i think of Jay. So when Mark Kotsay steps up to the plate for the first time as a member of the Red Sox, think of Jay. If Mark proceeds to ground out or strike out, call him a cock-sag. I know Jay will. I love and miss you bro. It has been six long months...Go Sox!

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