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    Saturday, August 2, 2008

    Ramirez jersey Top 10

    I figured as I digest all things Manny on D-day +2 there is some housekeeping to do. Many of you I can imagine spent some of your hard earned money over the past eight seasons on a Manny Ramirez #24 replica or gawd forbid authentic jersey. It is also quite clear that you might not be inclined to break that out anytime soon. You've just broken up and your significant other has left some clothes at your place, what to do? I have decided to put together some creative ideas for you post mortem Manny jersey. Here is my top ten.

    10 - Give it to a homeless person with dreadlocks. Two birds, one stone.

    9 - Place it on Craig's List "Orange County" and use the language
    "vintage" they'll love it!

    8 - Have the name on the back switched to Evans and be done with it already.

    7 - Late October (chilly night), Game 4 at Wrigley, Sox for the sweep.
    One word - fireplace.

    6 - Lift the 2 and center the 4, replace Ramirez with Favre.
    Can Brett bridge the 8th?

    5 - Save it for that next nasty spill in the kitchen. Then mail it to
    the Dodgers clubhouse.

    4 - Use it for the torso on your front yard scarecrow this fall.
    No brain, perfect.
    3 - Put it in Good Will because that is the last thing Many would do.

    2 - Hang it in your closet forever. As a reminder to never take
    anything for granted.

    1 - Replace the 2 with another 4 and change the name to "TEAMMATE"

    Welcome to The Nation Jason Bay.

    Be sure to give the clubhouse manager your ring size. Fine.

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