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    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Madden Holiday Hangover

    Thank you EA Sports. Thank you for making this 36 year old feel like a kid again. It happens every year. Madden launches at midnight on a beautiful mid-August Tuesday morning and coincidentally millions of males across this great country are too sick for school, work (fill in the blank).

    I am fortunate enough to be a SAHD (stay at home dad). My only concern is that my boys are fed and clean and alive when the boss gets home. So in a shocking turn of events I decided to stay up all night and christen the latest installment of EA's football powerhouse. Well worth the time invested. Madden has finally come through on its promise to be bigger and better than last year. My argument has been that Madden was essentially NCAA 09 with professional uniforms. Not the case this year as virtually every aspect of the game has been tweaked. The game is just fresh enough at every turn to keep even the most polished gamer off balance and interested enough to lose sleep.

    While it is not and probably will never be "perfect" i would still give this years installment 8 "uckinarights" out of 10. I will delve deeper into my analysis of the game this coming Monday night with Adam on Episode 27 of WPDR. Stay tuned. Off to bed now...or, maybe just one more game.

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