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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    First Manny Now Hazel Mae?


    So yesterday we received the disturbing news that we would be losing our friendly Green Monster hobo Manny Ramirez and the Nation mourned, but today New England may be losing another one of our favorite personalities, Hazel Mae. 


    As reported in the USA Today, Hazel Mae is persuing other options which may include the MLB Network (now there will be at least one reason to watch.)  From the USA Today,

    "The latest TV free agent who's drawing interest from networks is former New England Sports Network (NESN) reporter/anchor Hazel Mae. Mae was an on-air personality for the regional sports network owned by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins. After joining NESN in 2004, she covered the Red Sox, anchored NESN's SportsDesk, and hosted the Ultimate Red Sox Show and The Buzz. She left in June, according to NESN. Her contract expires at the end of this summer.

    One possible landing spot is MLB Network, baseball's new 24-7 cable channel, which is staffing up for its Jan.1 national launch. The network is expected to reach more than 50million homes across the country and air live games on Saturday nights.

    Mae could not be reached. Susan Lipton, Mae's agent and senior director of broadcasting at IMG, says MLB Network is one of many outlets with a possible interested in her client. Mae asked NESN not to pick up her option, she says, and NESN granted her wish. "Hazel wants to stay within sports and explore other opportunities," Lipton says.

    MLB Network executives declined to comment."

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